Steel-Walled/60-MIL Liner Best Solution for Lazy Rivers


Our Pre-Engineered, Steel-Walled Material, combined with Elbtal USA 60-MIL Liner, ensure luxury and durability for commercial in-ground water projects.

The steel-walled panels and durable 60-MIL liner excel under the heavy commercial use of Lazy River projects and other water projects at resorts, clubs, hotels, community centers, water parks, recreational facilities, government properties, and any other public aquatic facilities. They are 100% watertight and easy to maintain.

This panel system is up to 40 percernt faster to install, less labor intensive, and thus, cost effective. For the customer, they are easier to maintain than concrete.

These projects are aesthetically pleasing, as well as long-lasting.

From sprawling competition pools to small spas, we fit specific requirements of your project.

The product is sold in the U.S. by Ultimate Pool Surface certified dealers and installers of Elbtal USA, such as Sinhume America and Sinhume Carolinas. Elbtal USA is a brand of Elbtal Plastics of Germany. Elbtal Plastics has more than 40 years of experience installing liners for water projects throughout the world.

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