New Stain-Resistant Ultimate Border Easing Pool Maintenance

Jun 15, 2018

Maintenance at both the activity pool and lap pool at War Memorial Park in Martinsburg, WVA, took a turn for the better for the summer season with the installation of Ultimate Border, a product of Ultimate Pool Surface.

Ultimate Border, like the 60-MIL liner that we sell and install through Elbtal USA, Inc., is engineered and manufactured at our parent company, Elbtal Plastics, in Germany.  Elbtal Plastics has been installing durable 60 MIL liner in commercial and residential pools throughout the world for more than 40 years.

With the waterline being the most critical area of pool maintenance, Ultimate Border has a special heavy duty protection on its surface to prevent chemical penetration.

The 10-inch border is stain resistant, preventing unwanted dirty elements such as sunscreen from penetrating the surface of the PVC and discoloring the border. This results in lower maintenance. With a regular border surface, you must clean stains very quickly for best results. With Ultimate Border, you maintain a clean pool with less effort. With less maintenance, there is a longer lifespan of your pool and fewer renovations.

Ultimate Border carries both a 5-Year Stain Warranty and a 5-Year Chlorine Resistance Warranty.

Both the lap pool and the activity pool at War Memorial Park were renovated with our 60-MIL liner and are ready for summer openings. The activity pool’s tile border, installed just a year ago, was beginning to disintegrate. It was replaced this spring with Ultimate Border, which is a more economical solution.

The pools are owned by the Martinsburg/Berkley Parks and Recreation Department.

Ultimate Pool Surface’s 60 MIL liner was chosen to replace the liner in the activity pool a year ago.

The pool has multiple hand rails, floor returns for water to flow into the pool, and in-place, water-spraying toys and a slide. The many penetrations in the floor of the pool, with a spraying mushroom, pouring buckets, and a slide designed in the shape of a frog, created challenges for poolFORCE installers replacing the liner. The old liner was tearing and leaking too much water, particularly around the floor returns.

The Ultimate Pool Surface solution was timely, and the pool, once drained, was only out of commission for one week, as the crew replaced the liner in five days. The Ultimate Pool Surface liner has a 15-Year Water Tightness Warranty, giving the Parks and Rec Department peace of mind for years to come.

Swimmers experiencing this 60-Mil liner, new to the U.S. market, enjoy a smooth, comfortable pool surface. It has the durability of concrete, without the skinned knees, arms or feet typical of swimming in a concrete-lined pool.

Our promise: Very little time and trouble while installation is completed.

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