The Best Solution for Pool Repair

Resurfacing cracked, leaking gunite pools no longer has to be the time-consuming, labor-intensive job that your crew has endured for years.

Elbtal of America, a German-based company, has a better solution with poolFORCE, its Elbtal reinforced pool membranes.

Our Reinforced Membranes are engineered and manufactured in a state-of-the-art facility in Coswig, Germany. These membranes are 60 MIL, as opposed to the 20-27 MIL liners traditionally used, and come with a 15-year Water Tightness Warranty.

We have more than 50 years of experience installing these liners in small and luxurious properties and massive public acquatic facilities in Europe. Now, with inventory in the U.S., your delivery time is quick.

Elbtal of America frequently holds educational seminars at its U.S. facility in North Carolina, in order to keep pool installers informed about our latest installation technologies. If needed, we can also provide on-site support, especially for first-time installers.

A technical supervisor is available 24/7 to answer questions.

Sold exclusively through a network of Elbtal certified pool professionals, the product is manufactured of only pure virgin raw material. It has no toxicity, since no recycles and raw materials with toxic ingredients such as heavy metals are used.

Typically, resurfacing a gunite pool is hard on your customer, and hard on your crew, with heavy machinery and ventilation required and lots of noise involved. In other words, a mess, and the job often involves you hiring a subcontractor for plastering. That will no longer be necessary and you can

control the quality of the job.

Elbtal’s 60 MIL membranes will keep you in a clean environment during installation, with no ventiliation needed, and the job will be complete in 2 to 3 days.

The liners work in any size or any shape pool.

  • Install our 60 MIL membranes in 2 to 3 days. The ultimate solution for resurfacing any shape or size gunite pool in any location. Freeze-thaw cycles and earth-movement conditions that traditionally caused cracking have no effect.
  • Easy on your crew. Easy on your customer. No heavy machinery and ventilation required.
  • Control the job. No subcontractors needed for plastering.
  • Clean and silent. We use only pure virgin raw materials in our membranes. Our liners have the lowest smoke development during welding, compared to liners from other providers, because we use only pure virgin raw material without toxic ingredients.
  • Solves leakage problems.
  • Technically Perfect: Tested quality for more than 30 years, antimicrobial equipped, stabilized against UV rays, cold resistant. The formulation includes protection against the growth of fungi and bacteria for the easiest maintenance.
  • 15-Year Water Tightness Warranty: Repairing cracks on the walls or the floor of an old or damaged pool will not solve leakage problems. Installing poolFORCE over the shell will provide the final water tightness.
  • A smooth pool surface that is easier to clean and uses less chemicals, decreasing the cost of maintenance, and is more enjoyable for swimmers than gunite. There will be no injuries to the feet while playing in the pool for hours.
  • Manufacturer-based installation instruction at our training facility in Charlotte, NC, and continuous support.
  • Technical Support is available through our Help Desk.

We have more than 30 years of experience in manufacturing and installing these pool membranes in small and luxurious properties and massive public aquatic facilities in Europe. Now, for the first time, poolFORCE is available in the U.S., which guarantees quick delivery time.

PoolFORCE ™ a brand of Elbtal Plastics Germany, is distributed in the U.S. by Elbtal of America