University of North Carolina at Greensboro Surge Tank

For waterproofing leaking water containment vessels, such as water supply enclosures for commercial pools, SinHume of America installers work with the highest quality liners to ensure a complete sealing system.

 Applications include:

  • Irrigation
  • Fire fighting
  • Drinking water (ideal for hotels)
  • Water storage ponds
  • Tanks and industrial tanks
  • Driving inner liner


Advantages of PVC waterproofing include:

  • Full warranty. Being a floating system, structural movements do not damage the waterproofing. In the old systems based waterproofing mortars, paints, polyester fibers, cracks can occur.
  • Water quality. The water cannot be contaminated by filtration.
  • The system is easy to clean.
  • The system can be installed in wet or damp environments.
  • The system is free of solvents, fungicides, heavy, halogen and/or metals
    plasticizers, so that the waterproofing system with PVC or TPO membranes can be used in drinking water tanks.