A Clean Pool With Less Work with Ultimate Border

Jun 19, 2018

Seeing is believing!

This test is proof of the stain resistance power of our new Ultimate Border, a product of Ultimate Pool Surface and Elbtal USA.

The photo shows Ultimate Border installed around an outdoor pool; however, a white liner is used inside the pool intake. Stains from sunscreen and other elements have penetrated the white liner, while the Ultimate Border remains free of stains.

Ultimate Border solves the need for intense maintenance along the pool waterline, the most critical area for stain build-up. Ultimate Border has a special heavy duty protection on its surface to prevent chemical penetration.

The 10-inch border prevents dirty elements from penetrating the surface of the PVC and discoloring the border. With a regular border surface, you must clean stains very quickly for best results. With Ultimate Border, you maintain a clean pool with less effort.

Ultimate Border carries both a 5-Year Stain Warranty and a 5-Year Chlorine Resistance Warranty.

Ultimate Border, like the 60-MIL liner that we sell and install through Elbtal USA, is engineered and manufactured at our parent company, Elbtal Plastics in Germany. Elbtal Plastics has been installing durable 60 MIL liner in commercial and residential pools throughout the world for more than 40 years.

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