Neptune Park Lazy River Project, City of Hartsville, SC

Jun 14, 2018

Our Steel-Walled Panels and Ultimate Pool 60-MIL Liner are a better option than concrete for Lazy Rivers and other commercial water projects, such as this recently completed 2,453 linear-foot Lazy River project in Hartsville, SC.

Our method solves the problem of concrete surface cracking that often occurs when pouring large amounts of concrete. “It’s nearly impossible to prevent cracking when you are pouring 1,000 feet of concrete and have to use expansion joints, said Marty Few of Sinhume Carolinas,

With the increasing popularity of Lazy Rivers in resort areas as an alternative to traditional pools, the problem with concrete for construction becomes more apparent. “Everybody thought you had to have concrete,” says Few. “You don’t have to use concrete.”

The walls and liners, in production for 40 years, are specifically manufactured for commercial water projects. They have the durability of concrete with a much shorter installation period.

Our method also results in fewer chemicals needed to treat the water, if traditional plaster is used. Plaster contains chemicals with pH and calcium build-up that must be treated.

A third advantage is that the surface is a lot less abrasive for swimmers and their equipment, as they float along the “river.”

The Hartsville project involved 19,000 square feet of area with 10 different radii, which installers worked into the Lazy River design with no problems, says Few. “You can’t do that with fiberglass.”

Sinhume Carolinas and Sinhume USA also installed steel panels and 60-MILUlltimate Pool liners at an activity pool and a lap pool at the Greensville, SC, Country Club.

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